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Chibodia MidwayHouse



Currently 14 Students are living in the new residence. The Project started in September of 2007. In the beginning of 2008 we moved the students into a larger dorm because of growing student numbers. The most recent move was in November 2010 because of the same reasons.


* $480/month for Rent
* $4000 for start-up costs in November/December 2010

Supervision: Thim Tho (MidwayHouse Manager)


We want to help students from the School in the countryside have the chance to study at a University in Phnom Penh. We also want to help young adults that have grown out of Cambodian-run orphanages to make the transition to become independent and learn to live, study and work on their own.

Criteria for residents eligibility:

* Students, that have the will and the ability to study at University and that have completed the 12th grade in Cambodian Public School.
* Children i.e. young adults, that have outgrown an orphanage and are ready to learn to stand on their own.

In order to help young adults..

Chibodia developed this project in order to support students coming from the school in the countryside in their endeavor to study at a University.

Chibodia wants to support the students from the school in the countryside that have shown leadership qualities through their active participation at the school and their desire to learn.


Two former Students: La and Som Ol
Learning dilegently

The parents of the students coming from the school in the countryside are simple rice farmers or pony cart drivers. This means that the students that have been selected cannot afford to study so they have been given a scholarship by Chibodia. Their rent is also paid for and they can live together with like-minded individuals who are also trying to better their lives and the lives of their families through education. In order for to prepare them for life after University we require them to look for jobs in order to pay for utilities and food. 

Many of the students coming to Phnom Penh from the countryside have never been in a city and the transition to the busy streets and masses of people can be intimidating if not scary. In order to make this difficult transition, the students who have been in the MidwayHouse longer can help the new residents with everyday situations.


Some of the students

In order to help Children from Institutions

Students coming from the school in the countryside are not the only people living in the MidwayHouse. Teenagers, that have outgrown a home for Children also live there. In our case these 17-20 year olds have come from a Cambodian-run home that is supported by Chibodia. (Chibodia supplied the food for the 60 children living in this home for half a year.) Now Chibodia has taken a half dozen of these kids that have completed the 12th grade into the MidwayHouse. They are too old to live in the home for children, but are not ready to stand on their own.

Homes for Children are often criticized for “institutionalizing” the children, which is a valid argument and a real danger. “Institutionalizing” means that the children become dependent because of the all-encompassing nature of the institution of the Home. Everything is taken care of for these children, so when they leave the home, they often end up back on the streets. Suicide rates , and the likelihood to get involved in criminal activity, drugs and alcohol is in fact higher for these children than for children coming from smaller family units. Chibodia is well aware of this problem and the programs at the Chibodia ChilrensHome give the children more tools and nurture to have the ability to stand on their own. Unfortunately other homes in Cambodia do not have the resources to fight “institutionalizing” of the children. Using the stepping-stone of the MidwayHouse, Chibodia wants to directly counteract this trend.

For the time after the children leave the home, it is essential to create structures for these young adults that allow them to have life experiences and develop strategies for problem solving. They must write resumes, find jobs, participate in internships or apprenticeships, study and become independent. The MidwayHouse makes it possible that they can make mistakes without immediately hitting rock bottom. The MidwayHouse is intended to bridge the gap between sheltered life in the home and independent adulthood with a byproduct of confidence, good inter-personal and decision making skills and character.

one of the bedrooms with Thim

So this is what it looks like in reality:

So this is what it looks like in reality: The older students coming from the school in the countryside, mostly coming from stable families, are the examples for the younger ones and those coming from orphanages. The Children coming from the homes can help those coming from the school in the countryside with their English language skills, as they have usually had more exposure to western volunteers. In this way they can help each other and learn from each other. Rent, furniture, educational seminars, in many cases university tuition fees and problem solving strategies are provided by Chibodia. All other costs: water, electricity, food etc. has to be paid by the residents themselves.

We want to thank all of our supporters and donors for making it possible for Chibodia to expand this project and make it possible for poor students to study and help children coming from difficult backgrounds, make the transition into adulthood and stand on their own. But in order to sustain this project we further rely on your donations.

On this Projekt Chibodia is also partnering with the Dom-Ray Foundation from the Netherlands.