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In the following text, the synonyms us and we will be used for the founders of Chibodia.

In the summer of 2005, when we first started thinking in a small circle of friends about assisting Samuel and Anne Pehlke with their plan, it seemed like a large vision. We had been dreaming for years to do something about the poverty in the world rather than just talking about it.

First things first

Considering the photos and accounts of poverty from all over the world and the imbalance between life in the poorest countries and life in wealthy countries, it already seemed long overdue to do something. But what? And how?

Some of us had already given donations to charities and/or had sponsored a child, but the impression still remained not to have really done anything ourselves

We wanted to know what really happened with our financial engagements. Also we wanted to use our gifts, talents and time to help others - essentially we just wanted to be closer to the whole thing.

Many of us have gathered impressions while visiting Asia as tourists. Our own children that were accompanying us in our travels were often a blunt mirror of our own lifestyles. In blatant openness, the children would say the things that we thought: “The kids here don´t have as many toys as we do. Right, mom” “Dad, why do they live like this”

Anne Pehlke hanging out with Children from a home for children in Cambodia

At home these conversations continued with “Dad, I have too much Playmobil, Come, let´s sell it on e-bay and send the money to Cambodia.”

Touched by this we felt that something was not right in this world. We are often only concerned about ourselves, while our neighbours in foreign lands are doing very poorly.

The Trigger

Then, in the spring of 2006, came what was needed. In Phnom Penh Anne and Sam Pehlke had visited some orphanages and a dump site littered with children. An e-mail that included a few photos that the two sent us, moved us not only to tears, but also to a kind of positive motivating anger.

Child in search of something valuable at the dump site.

Sure, we all know that there are people that live on dump- sites. But when your closest friends tell it to you and send you photos, it is a very special experience that is not easy to explain. It is almost, as if you had seen it for the first time yourself.

Getting Started

Many friends and acquaintances have become motivated to make something happen. The founding of Chibodia took place in August 2006 with 18 founding members. Since then many people have become involved by sharing their talents. Flyers, business cards, posters, presentations, articles of association were drawn up and the board members were chosen. The necessary legal steps were taken to do things right. Finally an informative event was planned for all those who were interested. All of this took place in three months.

A multitude of gifts and talents led to the foundation of an organization that now has almost 100 members. Since many of the founding members are Christ followers, this process was accompanied by prayer. To some extent this led to very astounding incidences. One of these was that the process of starting up Chibodia went really fast with little to none out of pocket expenses.

The founding Members from left to right: Benjamin Meyer, Stephanie Düriger, Michael Solbach, Dorothea Evers, Christian Düringer, Stefan Pehlke, Carsten Evers, Simone Pehlke, Hanta Seewald, Andreas Streich, Nicole Allgeier, Raphael Weyel, Damaris Meyer, Thomas Pehlke, Anne-Catherine Pehlke
... and the executive board members: Chris Allgeier, Markus Kuczewski, Sabine Solbach, Martin Bender, Samuel Pehlke (not on the picture: Anne Pehlke, Michael Solbach and Karsten Schmidt)

Since February 2007 Anne and Samuel Pehlke are living in Cambodia and are heading up several chibodia e.v. projects.

In Germany a active volunteer work has been established, which includes placing information stands downtown, active press work, informative Chibodia events and further activities.

You can support Chibodia through membership (insert link here) and/or donations (insert link here.) Thank you for your help.

Chris Allgeier (Executive board member/Treasurer)

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