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Chibodia e.V. Board of Directors

From left to right: Chris Allgeier, Markus Kuczewski, Sabine Solbach, Martin Bender, Samuel Pehlke (not on the picture: Anne Pehlke, Michael Solbach and Karsten Schmidt)
Martin Bender

2nd Chairman, Secretary, Printed Media

Married: 2 Children

Occupation: Product Manager

Reason for participation:
Those of us who have the possibilities to help and therefore also the responsibility, should not accept the fact that many Children in this so called modern world do not have the chance to grow up with love, role models, education, or even a future.  That is why I am thankful that I can help by supporting Anne and Sam in their work, so the children in Cambodia also get what I see as completely natural for my own sons.

Contact: bender(at)

Chris Allgeier

Administration and Finance

Married: 3 Children

Occupation: Director of multiple PHV-Dialysis Centers 

Reason for Participation:
I would like to contribute in helping humans in need.
In my view these are especially the children in developing and emerging nations.

Contact: allgeier(at)

Anne-C. Pehlke

Project Manager in ChildrensHome I, Accounting, Support for Volunteers

Married: 2 Children

Occupation: Teacher

Anne Pehlke has been in Cambodia with her husband, Samuel Pehlke since 2007. The couple, with help of Edward Anderson, is directing a School with more than 300 students, two Homes for Children, two student dorms and several Motomedix Health Clinics.

Contact: anne(at)

Samuel Pehlke

1st Chairman, Director

Married: 2 Children

Occupation: Development and foreign aid worker, state-certified nurse

Samuel Pehlke and his wife Anne Pehlke have been in Phnom Penh Cambodia since 2007. On behalf of Chibodia and along with Edward Anderson, the couple is directing a School with more than 300 students, two Homes for Children, two student dorms, an outreach project and several Motomedix Health Clinics.

Contact: samuel(at)