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Introduction the Chibodia foreign aid workers Anne and Samuel Pehlke

Anne is an elementary school teacher and Samuel is a registered nurse. They have been married since the year 2000 and have two children.

Personal Introduction

Before we started working in Cambodia my wife and I (as well as many other Chibodia members) had traveled to many countries including Guatemala, Belize, Ecuador, Tunisia, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Some of these countries are somewhat developed while others are third world countries. Whoever has spent time in these countries has undoubteably drawn comparisons to the western world. 

Anne und Samuel Pehlke

We started thinking about the disturbingly massive inequality between the things that we as westerners possess, compared to that of many other people in the world. Many of these people don't even have enough to get by. (Every 15 seconds a child dies because it doesn´t have access to clean drinking water. Especially in Asia and Africa many Children die from a simple case of diarrhea.)

In Cambodia

In April 2006 my wife and I traveled through Cambodia. I had already visited Cambodia in November and December of the previous year with two friends who are now Chibodia members. Since that time I continually talked to my wife about the poverty in this war- torn country. As my wife is a school teacher and I am in the medical field, I felt we had the ideal tools to set things in motion to benefit this country.


Samuel Pehlke and a child from an orphanage