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Chibodia cares about Children in Cambodia

Chibodia e.V. is an NGO registered in Germany, that was founded by a circle of friends in 2006.
It is financed solely with donations.

We want to

  • give quality education to poor and orphaned children in Cambodia, in a family-like atmosphere
  • raise them with Love, Humanity and Christian values
  • enable them to improve their beautiful homeland Cambodia


We operate several projects

Two ChildrensHomes

Here the children receive health care, balanced diet, hygiene and quality education.
Additionally they have access to many extracurricular activities.


Two Dormitories

The dormitories give shelter to students from poor families.
Some of them receive a scholarship from Chibodia.
Also former residents of the two ChildrensHomes move here after they are of full age. Here they have the chance to prepare themselves for self-dependence in an environment that is less regulated, but still monitored.

Additional projects

Cambodia is still suffering the consequences of the Khmer Rouge Regime and the Vietnam War.
Almost half of the Cambodian population lives underneath the poverty line,
they lack basic necessities everywhere.

This is why we feel the need to improve ...

rural education:

free health care

  • Motomedix holds weekly clinics in several slums around Phnom Penh

access to clean drinking water


Organizational Structure

Chibodia e.V. has 150 members and is supported by several businesses and foundations, our partners.

In Cambodia:

Four managing Foreign Aid Workers
(Anne Catherine Pehlke, Samuel Pehlke, Edward Benjamin Anderson, Timon Seibel)
cooperate with twenty-two Cambodian staff members to carry out our projects.
Additionally many German Volunteers support us.



Our projects are financed by donations,
but our overhead costs are covered by a constant circle of active members.
This means:

Every donated Cent is used in Cambodia.

All donations are tax deductible.
For details please read our Donations page.

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