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Chibodia e.V. - Friends for Children in Cambodia

Who we are 

Chibodia's manifesto is to establish and support children's homes in Cambodia. The small, flexible and independent initiative was founded by a circle of friends who visited Cambodia years ago and are now working hard on turning the goals of the manifesto into a reality. Chibodia is a non-profit organisation with nearly no administrative expenses. We are proud to say that "Every dollar reaches it's goal".

It is our Vision to provide a highly qualitative education to poor and orphaned children within a family-like environment. We want to raise them, providing them with love, humanity and christian values.  This upbringing coupled with education will give them the tools they need to influence their environment, and their beautiful land for the better.

Einige Kinder aus Chibodias ChildrensHome

The Unique thing about Chibodia is that 100% of the donations donated in Germany are used in Cambodia. This is possible by using a special and transparent donation system. All overhead costs are covered by a small circle of active individuals who have agreed to be involved in this cause.  Therefore, all additionally donated euro's from all other donors can arrive directly to the Children in Cambodia.

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